Very well, guys and girls from the UK who wants to fly to Dubai, this will show to you how you can just quickly and simply get the visa in order to enjoy the real stay in Dubai. UK citizen Phil informs that you can land in Dubai with a valid passport? You visa is ready on arrival so that you can have 30 days to explore this colorful city and a plus 10 days for extra playing time just in case you are not sure that you are ready to leave.

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Fancy staying longer?You’ve got options! The current Dubai Metro Line 1 will be extended to the Expo Station and merged with the Green Line, providing a seamless link for the Dubai World Expo 2020. To add some diversity, why don’t you hop on a short flight to Oman, and back again for a nice 30-day stamp on your visa? It’s a mini-vacation in itself!

So, would you like to lurch the short trip into a longer outing? Leaving behind the typical backpacking life and securing a residence visa to work would be the answer. Of course, you’ll need a work sponsor. But monitor your costs too. If you extend your stay then you need to increase your expenditure by 500 to 700 AED (5.84 to 8.76 USD cading according to the exchange rate).

While you are at it, don’t limit yourself by Dubai’s splendors which comprises of Dune Bashing, Throbbling Souks and many other competent exquisite delicacy. Dubai is not only a destination, but rather anunforgettable experience to expose yourself to. Hence, organize your visa pleasures in the instant that you get and welcome the adventurous experience ahead in Dubai!